Welcome to Charqui Grill

Char·qui [chahr-kee] is the Spanish pronunciation of an indigenous Quecha word for cured meat and it is from where we get our word jerky. The use of charqui spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and spawned a multitude of local dishes. In the Caribbean the sauces used for charqui were adapted for cooking on an open grill by adding pimento berries, also known as all spice. In our restaurant we have refined this sauce to use on our grilled food. We welcome you to enjoy the flavors of the fire and spices.
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10% off on Takeout! TEL: (604) 733-3323
Monday to Sunday 11am - 12am (or later!)
- Joni miller and the usual suspects - jazz & blues.
Tuesdays - Rotating Mic - call us for further information.
Wednesday - Brian Africa - open jam reggae.
Thursday - Open Mic.
Friday - Artist feature - call us for further information.
Saturday -Artist feature - call us for further information.
Sunday - Karaoke.
Music starts after 7:30PM


Coxinha - Grilled ground B.C. Chicken Balls $10
Charqipán - Grilled Argentinian chorizo canápes $8
Batatas 'n' Trini Curry - Fries, Trini curry, & cheese - baked $8
Charqui Chana 'n' Roti- our take on hummus $6
Costillas - Grilled Angus Short Ribs $12
Pollo Al Charqui - Grilled Pound of Wings (honey garlic - hot - salt 'n' pepper) $12
Kofta - Grilled ground Alberta Prime Beef Balls $10
Nachos - Salsa, cheese, sour cream, guacamole $11 Add Beef $2 or Chicken breast $3
Québécois - Our Poutine with Charqui gravy $10
Masala yam fries with Charqui dip $9
Carib Pizza - chicken, veggie, prime beef or Argentinian Chorizo $14
Pan con Tomate - Tomato Garlic Bread $3
Appy platter to share - wings , beef balls, chicken balls, short ribs & Charqui Chana 'n' Roti $33


Red kidney beans soup with potatoes, carrots, celery, in a tomato chicken broth served with Portuguese bun $9

Grilled Chicken Caesar with Pan con Tomate $14
Grilled Fish on Garden Salad with vinaigrette $16

Want it spicy hot - ask for our Charqui XO


Trinidad fire grilled chicken

Quarter (white or dark) $16 - Half $18
With cumin-infused rice pilaf and Charqui salad

Steak - Carne

12oz AAA Alberta Striploin Steak with baked potato & greek salad $24
Surf n’ Turf it - add skewer of prawns $5

Shaslik Kebabs

BC-raised Chicken $15, Alberta AA Beef $16, Tofu $16, Australian Lamb $17
Served with cumin infused rice pilaf and Charqui salad
Mix & Match - add any extra skewer $4


Burger & Whole Wheat Wrap choices :
Alberta Angus Beef $14, Wild Mushrooms & Veggie $13, Chicken breast $15, Wild Salmon $16
Kitsilano Summer BBQ Chorizo Sausage on a Hoagie Bun $15
With natural Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Pickles & Seasoned fresh cut Fries or Charqui Salad

Grilled Kebab on a Bun $14

Grilled Chicken on a whole wheat wrap $15

Substitute sides to yam fries, greek salad or caesar salad $1.99
Add: Charqui dip $0.55, Pineapple $1, Guacamole $1, Mushrooms $1, Bacon $1


Our Fussili pasta in Caribbean coconut cream sauce
Chicken $14, Tofu $14, Beef $15, Lamb $16, Prawns $16
Add an extra skewer for $4


Grilled skewer on cumin infused rice ,Trinidad curry skirt
Chicken $14, Tofu $14, Trini-curried Veggies $14, Beef $15, Lamb $16, Prawns $16
Add an extra skewer for $4


Trinidad fire-grilled whole chicken with rice pilaf, Greek salad & garlic bread $35

Half fire-grilled chicken, half pound wings, two beef kebabs, cole slaw, rice pilaf, yam fries & garlic bread $42

Two Trinidad fire-grilled chickens, two lamb kebabs, two beef kebabs, coleslaw, rice pilaf, masala fries & garlic bread $88


Chicken strips with fresh cut fries or rice pilaf or Caesar salad $7
Mini Angus Cheeseburger with fresh cut fries or rice pilaf or Caesar salad $7


Caesar, Greek, Coleslaw, Fresh-cut fries, Baked potato, Yam fries, Trini-curried Vegetables, Corn (seasonal) $4


Chocolate cake, ganache & whip cream top $8
All Canadian Cheese cake strawberry compote $8
Add Vanilla ice cream $3
Tea / coffee $4

Meals to Go

Whole fire-grilled chicken $19
Whole fire-grilled chicken with rice pilaf or fries & salad $26


Wines by glass

Whites - 5oz Glass $6, 8oz Glass $9, Bottle $33
Lindeman's - Chardonnay (Australia)
Bolla - Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Carmen Reserva - Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

Reds - 5oz Glass $6, 8oz Glass $9, Bottle $33
Lindeman's - Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)
Los Primos - Malbec (Argentina)
Wolf Blass Eaglehawk - Shiraz (Australia)

Wine by bottles

Long Flat, Semillion Sauvignon Blanc (Australia)
Sumac Ridge Private Reserve Chardonnay (B.C.)
Santa Julia, Pinot Grigio (Argentina)
Deinhard, Riesling (Germany)
Peter Lehman, Chardonnay (Australia)
Jacobs Creek, Chardonnay (Australia)
Cono Sur Organic, Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
Lurton, Pinot Grigio (Argentina)
Stamp of Australia, Gewürztraminer (Australia)
Barefoot, Chardonnay (California)

REDS $33
Long Flat, Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz (Australia)
Fabulous Ant, Pinot Noir (Hungary)
The Wolftrap Red, Syrah blend (South Africa)
Santa Julia Reserva ,Malbec (Argentina)
Diego Murillo, Merlot (Argentina)
Costieres de Nimes Syrah, Grenache Valcombe (France)
Carmen Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)
Yellow Trail, Shiraz (Australia)
Barefoot, Merlot (California)
Cono Sur, Merlot (Chile)

Beers and Cider on draft

Charqui Lager $5 (Pitcher $14)
Seasonal tap $6, 1516 Bavarian Lager $6, Sapporo $6 (Pitcher $15)
Somerby Cider $7

Bottled Beers

Hoparazzi India Pale Lager (Parallel 49) $6.25
Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale (Parallel 49) $6.25
King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen (Howe Sound Brewing) $12.50
Blue Buck English Pale Ale Style (Phillips Brewery) $6.25
Mt. Begbie Cream Ale (Mt. Begbie Brewery) $10.00 (1L)
Fat Tug India Pale Ale (Driftwood Brewery) $12 (1L)


Canadian - Kokanee - Keith's Indian Pale Ale - Coors Light - Budweiser - MGD

Dos Equis Lager, Sol, Corona, Pacifico Clara, Negra Modelo (Mexico)
Red stripe (Jamaica)
Heineken (Netherlands)
Peroni (Italy)
Stella Artois (Belgium)
Leffe (Belgium)
1664 Blanc (France)
Carlsberg (Denmark)
Guinness (Ireland)
Warsteiner (Germany) - non alcoholic

Strongbow - Smirnoff ice - Apple lime - Pear - Peach - Mike's Hard lemonade

Carribean Cocktails

Mojito - white rum, mint, syrup, lime, soda top
Cuba Libre - rum, coke, lime
Caipirinha - cachaça, syrup, lime
Charquita - Caribbean Dark rum, lime, syrup, melon liquor, sprite
White Russian - vodka Khalua, cream
Monkeys lunch - banana liquor, Tia maria, milk
Zombie - rum, brandy dark rum, syrup,
lime juice, O.J. Pineapple juice, lime juice
Midori - peach schnapps, melon liquor,
lime juice grenadine, soda top
Bikini Martini - Malibu rum, vodka, gremadine, pineapple juice
Blue Hawaiian - Blue curaçao, white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, Maraschino cherries 
Dark & Stormy - dark rum, ginger beer
Mai tai - dark and light rum,orange curaçao,
syrup, Maraschino cherries

Rum Alley

The Rum collective - Enjoyment of rum, in all its styles and flavours, may be best described by the phrase 'variety is the spice of life' we welcome you to sip some of the best rums from the Caribbean & the World.

$6 (1 oz) - $11 (2 oz rumfter glass)
English Harbour (Antigua)
Mount Gay (Barbados)
Goslings (Bermuda)
Lamb's Pale Breeze (Canada)
Havana Club (Cuba)
Brugal (Dominican Republic)

Lemon Hart (Guyana)
Mc Dowell#1 (India)
Appleton estate V/X , Appleton special (Jamaica)
Flor de Caña (Nicaragua)
Ron Millonario (Peru)

Daily Drink Specials

Monday: Charqui Lager $4 / Nachos $10
Tuesday: Burger n' Beer $12 / Hi-balls $4
Wednesday: Wing Night - Full pound wings + Jug beer $17
Thursday: House wine glass $4 / Mojito $6
Friday / Saturday: Featured Rum $5
Sunday: Double Caesars $6

Perrier, juices & pop